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    Megrelian Meal (with shared portions) 2022



    • The menu includes 5 dishes based on unusual themes in Megrelian cuisine, all served in sharing portions (each portion is large enough for all guests to have two helpings).
    • Set menu includes one bottle of Oda Family Marani's natural wine.
    • Includes bottled spring water, homemade sourdough bread, and local organic tea.
    • Length of meal - 2 hours.
    • Price per person: 60 GEL (4+ guests), 90 GEL (2 or 3 guests).
    • Price for tour guides and drivers - 15 GEL (if accompanying 5+ guests), 40 GEL (if accompanying less than 5 guests).
    • Maximum number of guests - 40.
    • Discount for groups of more than 18 guests.

    • Megrelian Appetizer Board

    Mchadi cornbread chips with Megrelian dips: carrot paste with kachabi (walnuts blended with coriander), spicy red ajika pepper sauce, Abkhazian drdz yogurt sauce with fresh herbs, fresh and acidic tomato salsa, and assorted local cheeses (Martvili's sulguni smoked in our smokehouse, and alpine sulguni from the Askhi mountains);

    • Cheese Dumplings served with Amaranth and Yogurt Sauce;

    Fresh cheese dumplings served in an amaranth and yogurt sauce;

    • Megrelian Khachapuri;

    Fluffy and filling Megrelian version of the famous cheese pie, with fresh cheese and Martvili's sulguni cheese both inside and on top.

    • Chicken Satsivi served with Hot Ghomi;

    Traditional village version of chicken satsivi made with fresh herbs and poached egg, served with hot corn ghomi (polenta).

    • Bean Mousse wrapped in Fruit Leather;

    Bean purée wrapped in a sour fruit leather, with rehydrated dried wild berries and lively wild plum preserve.



    Orbeluri Ojaleshi 2019. Red dry. Tsageri Municipality, village Orbeli.