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    Complete Megrelian Menu 2022



    • In the event that guests choose the "Complete Megrelian Menu", the owner of Oda Family Marani, winemaker, wine writer, essayist Keto Ninidze will host the meal.
    • Guests will visit Oda's wine cellar and vineyard. Host and winemaker Keto Ninidze will speak about Samegrelo's nearly forgotten, unique traditions in vine growing and winemaking, the history of the resurrection of rare endemic Megrelian grape varieties, and the more recent history of Oda Family Marani's place in Samegrelo's winemaking timeline.
    • The menu includes 6 dishes, served in individual portions (see menu below), based on unusual themes in Megrelian cuisine.
    • The menu includes 3 rare, natural wines from Oda Family Marani (see menu below).
    • Oda's sparkling lemonade, bottled spring water, homemade sourdough bread, and Martvili's organic tea accompany the meal.
    • Length of meal - 3 hours.
    • Price per person - 100 GEL (3+ guests), 150 GEL (2 or 3 guests).
    • Price for tour guides and drivers - 30 GEL (if accompanying 5+ guests), 50 GEL (if accompanying less than 5 guests).
    • Maximum number of guests - 20 people.
    • Discount for groups of more than 15 guests.

    Five "Bites" of Samegrelo
    Five tastes to introduce guests to the main flavors of Samegrelo - cheese curds with mint, beans with reduced tkemali wild plum sauce, walnut and coriander kachabi dip, green ajika pepper sauce, strained yogurt with red ajika pepper sauce, and Martvili's sulguni, which we smoke on site.

    Wine Pairing:
    Tsolikouri 2021. White dry.

    Imereti, Gordi.
    Fermented and aged with no skin contact.
    Light, lively, aperitivo wine.

    Chilled Gebjhalia Soup
    Fresh sulguni stuffed with Abkhazian dzrdz (strained yogurt mixed with fresh herbs) and an egg from our hens, in a cold tibu-style matsoni broth in with corn grits and garlic.

    Fresh Mchadi Cornbread "Sandwich" with Fermented Kohlrabi
    Fermented kohlrabi pickle smashed with walnuts and honey, served with ajika pepper sauce stirred through cheese curds, inside a fresh, hot mchadi cornbread.

    Gadzghirkia's Salad
    Wild nettle balls with fresh peas, served in a bazhe walnut sauce, with grilled chicken breast and toasted nargilasha elarji pieces.

    Wine Pairing:
    Orbeluri Ojaleshi 2021. Rose dry.

    Lechkhumi, village Orbeli. Lajanuri Slope, 700 meters above sea level.
    Fermented with no skin contact and aged in kvevri for 6 months.
    Mineral, salty, wild berries, unique personality.

    Ghomi and Kharcho with Martvili's Dried Persimmon Ornaments
    Filling and aromatic Megrelian kharcho stew served with hot ghomi (polenta), crunchy onion and pan roasted tomatoes, topped with Martvili's dried persimmon.

    Wine Pairing:
    Ojaleshi 2021. Red dry.

    Samegrelo, village Targameuli (Tamakoni community). Tekhura slope.
    Fermented in kvevri with maceration on all skins.
    Ruby, young, elegant wine.

    Cake on Megrelian Motives
    Honey-sweetened ghomi and pelamushi cake, with pear and mchadi cornbread crumble.

    Martvili's Organic Tea